CNMS students experiences : Mina

Mina, Iran

CNMS student at IUT1 Grenoble

What all mandatory documents did UGA require from you?
Regarding the documents for admission for this programme, I contacted Jean-Marc Thiriet, responsible for this programme around February. He asked me to send copies of some my documents by e-mail including, translation of my Bachelor's degree, transcript of records, copy of passport, resume, motivation letter and English language certificate. It was quite simple because I didn't need to send them by mail. I just sent him my documents, and he told I will be informed around June about the result of my application. Exactly in June he contacted me and told I have been accepted. I was required after my acceptation to provide certified copies of my documents.
The process for visa was a bit difficult for me, because French authorities asked me to submit a lot of documents and translating and legalizing them. This cost me a lot! The documents were:

All certificated Diplomas which I have, transcript of records (even from High school one), birth of certificate (even my parents one), English language certificate, copy of passport, resume, motivation letter in French, visa processing fee, ID photos, attestation of transferring 6000 € to an Iranian bank in Paris, (for maintenance of my living in France during the Academic year), bank certificate (that I have enough money in my bank account in Iran and that I was using my bank account during the last 6 months), (and same documents of my parents), translated certificate of my parents incomes and properties, (showing that they have enough money to support me). It was a little bit hard!

I want to mention that Jean-Marc Thiriet was a great help for me during this six months.
I would like to thank him for all this invaluable help!

How and where did you get all your documents (e.g. Visa, Insurance, Certificates), could you named some places?
I asked about all required documents the cultural part of French embassy in Tehran and they informed me about required applications forms which I was needed for submit the Visa process.

How long did your process take to get all requirements for the university?
For getting my admission letter I was waiting around five months, and for visa around three months.

Did you feel your process was somehow difficult or complicated?

For admission not at all. But for the visa yes. The fact was that I even didn't know if I can get visa or not. It was really stressful.

Could you tell a couple of words about fees, and useful tips for next years CNMS students?
Tuition fee was really fair, just 380 €. (Normally for Iranians studying in English in France costs a lot). The cost of living is also good to compare with the other European countries like Norway.
The great thing about the fees is that in France they have an institution named CAF (Caisse d'Allocations Familiales) which support many students with their rents by paying 25-40 % of students monthly rent.
Publié le  19 mai 2017
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