Studying at IUT1 Grenoble

Ever thought of coming to Grenoble?

We offer the opportunity of studying whilst surrounded by beautiful mountains!
Our Institute offers only undergraduate courses (Bachelor level programmes, until 3rd year) in the following departments :
  • Applied Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Civil Engineering-Sustainable Construction
  • Electrical Engineering and Industrial IT
  • Energy Transition and Energy Efficiency
  • Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering
  • Multimedia and Internet Professions
  • Networks and Telecommunications
> Leaflets available here.

We have programmes taught in French in all our these departments. We offer 2 kinds of programmes: "BUT" (3 years) and "Licences Professionnelles" (3rd year level).
More information about these programmes here.

For your information : the new 3 years programme called BUT ("Bachelor Universitaire de Technologie") replaced the DUT, and at the moment we do not have all details about the course lists of this new programme on our website.

Some of our departments can also offer to international students semester projects (in French or in English).
One of our programmes is taught in English and open to international students : the final year of the Professional Bachelor's Degree in Computer Networks and Telecommunications. For this programme, students are welcome for semester 5 only (autumn semester) or for the full academic year (Semesters 5 and 6).

BE CAREFUL: in our Institute, in order to avoid schedule issues, students can only choose courses in one programme/Department of study, and they cannot choose some courses in another School/Faculty of our University.

Nominations and applications at IUT1

For students from partner universities only

Nomination deadlines :
  • For Autumn semester (September – December/January) or full year (September – June/July): 30th April
  • For Spring semester (January/February – June/July): 30th September
Your International Office must complete an online nomination form :
Application deadlines :
  • For Autumn semester (September – December/January) or full year (September – June/July): 30th May
  • For Spring semester (January/February – June/July): 18th October
The IUT1 International Office will send to all nominated students the application procedure after the nomination deadline. If you did not receive it, please contact us quickly (

For non-exchange students application

You will find the procedure on our website.
For further information, please contact the department concerned or our Registrar’s Office at the following address:

Programmes in English offered in our University

Here is the link of all programmes in English :

Courses offered to exchange students in our University

You will find the courses open to exchange students in all Schools/Faculties of our University on the following link :
IMPORTANT: if a student wants to be nominated in our Institute, he/she will not be allowed to choose courses from a different School/Faculty of our University, he must only select courses in our Institute, in one programme.

Our Institute is only in charge of applications for our Institute ("IUT1 de Grenoble"), some of our partner universities may have an agreement with one or several other Schools/Faculties of our University ("Université Grenoble Alpes"), procedure and deadlines may differ slightly.

For a nomination/application in another School/Faculty, please contact directly the International Office of the relevant School/Faculty. The International Offices contact details in all schools/faculties can be found here.

Useful information to prepare your stay in France (for all international students)

You can find a lot of useful information on the UGA international website.

We advise you also to visit the section "Getting organized" on the UGA international web portal, as well as the welcome pack dedicated to new students:
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